Wednesday, October 05, 2005

High spot of September....

The best part of September just gone was the Plaid conference. This may seem surprising to those who were not able to make it and followed the event in the press. On the eve of the conference there was what seems the annual Lord Ellis Thomas press story that then overshadows the conference.

Anyone who attends conferences knows that the most important parts are what happens away from the prying eye of the press. This conference was about putting in the hard work preparing a policy programme for the post 2007 assembly and improving the party's campaigning and communications skills. The re-launch of the partys youth movement as cymrux is very welcome even if attending their late night gig in the Cwps brought home to some of us that we can no longer do two early morning a day.

Sadly most of the press missed the fact that....the party is now fully united on all issues of substance....that it has realised the key task is to update its approach to campaigning in order to get its message across. We can hardly complain if the media are given negative stories about the party by people who lack the self discipline needed for real political success however we are entitled to a bit of a moan if the media do not also take the trouble to see what else is happening in the party. One journalist ...Tom Boden ....did notice that Adam Price has now taken over responsibility for directing election campaigns and realised how significant it will be. Given that Adam will be working alongside Simon Thomas and Helen Mary Jones who have responsibility for policy and communications, most sensible commentators will conclude that Plaid will present a strong challenge to Labour in 2007.