Tuesday, May 03, 2005

To all those reaching for the nose pegs....

Much as I loathe the Guardian I have been reading it the last few days. The wretched Polly Toynbee has offered to supply nose pegs to those on the left who know the truth about new Labour and Tony Blair but feel the need to "keep out" Michael Howard.

In the 1980s I voted tactically for Labour against the Tories ...it made sense as the Tories were in power. Now I just want to add my thoughts to the millions of others flying round the internet, pubs, coffee bars family gatherings etc.

The so called "nose peg" argument is absed on a giant lie. A lie that sits alongside the famous 45 minutes claim. There is no prospect of Michael Howard becoming prime Minister. A month ago Peter Haid told the guardian that 70 Labour seats were vulnerable to the Tories if Labour voters went elsewhere. This is true. However it will still leave the Tories miles away from power. The Tories are not going to to win.

Today the guardian called for "progressives" to vote to keep out the Tories. Frankly the Guardian is now at the same level as the Sun. It cheers for its tribal "side" without any serious thought.

A vote Labour is a vote to endorse the war in Iraq. You cannot vote Labour and pretend to be against the disastrous occupation of Iraq. 40 people have died in Iraq this month and its only May 3rd. Going onm a March, writing to your MP even resigning your Labour membership means nothing if you go out and vote for them. All they care about is your vote.

If you give them your vote you are giving them a blank cheque to attack another country. march all you want...moan all you want...if you vote for them again you are saying its ok and they will be off to Iran or Syria next.

If you give them your vote the mad privatiser Gordon Brown will continue to inflict PFI on education and the NHS with all the diastrous consequences for future generations. The poverty gap will remain, our government will continue to be utterly dysfunctional.

If you vote Labour on May 5th dont moan about them ever again. Please dont come on a peace march again, or campaign against cuts in public services or privatisation. There is no excuse for voting Labour. The Tories are not going to win. This is the time to send Labour a very clear message. You do that by voting Plaid, SNP, Green or Respect even the real nose peg option of voting Lib dem. There is no reason to vote Labour in this election.