Monday, April 04, 2005

What we will do if elected....

We will not support military action without UN sanction

We will continue to campaign for the impeachment of Tony Blair

We will support fair trade

We will support an increase in aid budget to 0.7% of GDP

Will vote for a proper parliament for wales

We will fight for fairer funding for wales

We will support measures to achieve a fairer distribution of wealth from rich to poor

We will fight to increase the capacity of the NHS in Wales

We will vote for the retirement pension to be increased each year in line with average earnings.

We will vote to scrap the council tax and replace it with local income tax.

We will propose changes in the law to boost affordable housing

we will work to protect our high streets and family farms from the excessive domination of supermarkets and major food corporations

We will oppose id cards

We will oppose top up tuition fees

The threat from climate change will be at the heart of our work in parliament .

We will always put the people of Wales first.