Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Simon Thomas launches Plaid Campaign in a Mosque

Simon Thomas MP used a visit to a Mosque in Cardiff today to explain how Plaid Cymru seeks to represent all who live in wales. Simon also attacked the Labour and Tory parties for stirring up racism as part of their campaigns.

I have seen the New Labour apologists in the guardian and Observer saying Michael Howards campaign is so bad they have to forget Iraq, tuition fees, the attacks on civil liberties, the transport housing and other crisis and give Blair a blank cheque for the next four years.

I dont like the Tories but i would never refer to another human being as a mongrol as a Labour MP did of Michael Howard. The Labour campaign leaflets in the Hodge Hill by-election attacked the Lib Dems for being supportive of asylum seekers and in Cardiff they put out leaflets about gypsies that the CRE condemned as inflamatory and racist.

I am pleased the Plaid are standing firm on our anti-racist platform. Wales is a small country and we need all who live here to play their part in making it a better country. Three of the five five Muslim county councillors in Wales are Newport, Cardiff and Colwyn Bay.