Friday, April 01, 2005

Monday Morning feeling...

Looks like it will all start on Monday.

Am feeling the usual mixture of excitment, optimisim and sheer panic.

Excitement because here we go at last. I am really looking forward to getting out and about with the voters. All the evidence is that this election is still very open. The big danger is that the election will be "stolen" through dodgy postal vote applications in places such as Birmingham. However this is the chance to show Wales and the wider world our vision for the future and I will keep trying to post as much as possible.

Am optimistic because things look good for Plaid. A BBC/ICM poll put us second recently when people were asked which party's policies were closest to their own priorities. The same poll found 50% of people want a proper parliament in Wales and agree with us that this is the only way we will see improvements in public services and be able to move our economy forward.

A council by-election in highly marginal Clwyd West, in a ward where we finished 9th in June 2004 saw us move to second place and poll double the Labour vote.......straws in the wind but all positive.

Panic of course because there is never enough time..or enough people to help etc.....but we are slowly getting geared up......seeing first draft of my election address today certainly makes the whole thing more real.