Friday, April 15, 2005

First Radio Debate

Had the first debate of the campaign last night in Denbigh. The four main candidates at the table and the Independent and Legalise cannabis candidates in the audience. Had very nice feed back from both the audience and people who listened to the programme. The first debate is always hard as you try and find your rhythym and the best way to put your ideas across. In fact its the first time I have represented Plaid on a public platform with other candidates so I was quite nervous.

Luckily the Labour candidate went first and he was very agressive attacking the Conservatives in an over the top manner. This brought a response from a local Tory in the audience and everyone is shouting at each other within seconds.

After that it was easy to present our ideas just by being calm and avoiding the slanging match. Sadly didnt manage to get a plug in for Sonowwho but maybe next time.

Out campaigning today a couple of people told me they heard us on the radio and would now vote for me.

During the debate on foxhunting I said the whole debate was a waste of Westminster time and we should have been debating issues such as rural schools housing etc. The Labour candidate talked at length about it being a democracy, blaming the House of Lords, (which Labour failed to reform fully) and that foxhunting was in the manifesto etc. As Simon Law an audience member shouted "So the foxes are safe but the schools are closing" the whole audience laughed and the Labour candidate was confused and wandering.