Friday, April 29, 2005

feeling good.........

had a very good day today out in Rhyl, then St Asaph then Prestatyn.

In St Asaph got very friendly response and some of our members and leafleters are telling us that people who they never believed would vote Plaid will do so on May 5th for the first time ever.

Have had a very good response to the leaflets we have done with some new members and supporters emerging. Looks like out vote will be up.

Best thing thats happend this week is getting a Labour leaflet that says "lots of people are thinking about voting Plaid" then of course warning that by voting Plaid you may get a tory government.

Interesting because they did not mention the Lib dems or other candidates.......for the tories to win Vale of Clwyd due to a swing from Labour to Plaid....we would need a swing of 18% from Labour to with a week to go Labour must think we have already achieved an 18% swing....can we get the 7% more we need to win! :) :)

Labour are in a panic.......its quite fun to watch! The Tories are not picking up anything apart from their core and some of them are switching because of the council tax issue...