Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Denbigh High street

Had fun yesterday evening visiting shops and businesses in Denbigh. Am pushing hard the line that we want to abolish national non-domestic rates and replace with a tax on profits. Lots of small business people support this...happy to pay more in a good year but unhappy with a fixed cost in a bad year.

Denbigh is going from strength to strength with successful bids to boost the town as a heritage centre. Much more work needs to be done to boost the south of Denbighshire as a tourist attraction. Some signs from Llandudno would be good for a start and cost pennies in real terms.

There are quite a few empty shops though and more needs to be done to support more business...hence the campaign to scrap national non domestic rates.

Today was spent dealing with the royal mail to approve my election address then delivering leaflets in the rain in parts of Meliden. Its all glamour this politics stuff!