Thursday, March 17, 2005

you must not say misled...

Plaid Cymru’s Adam Price MP, who leads the campaign to impeach the UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, has today (Thursday 17 March) been expelled from Parliament for claiming that the Prime Minister ‘misled’ the people and parliament over the Iraq war.
Adam Price MP commented: “Most people now believe that the Prime Minister deliberately deceived parliament and the people. He even deceived members of his own cabinet in taking us to war two years ago. But the rules of the game in Westminster mean we cannot say what most of us think. The Prime Minister misled and MPs must be able to debate the issue.
“We will not let Tony Blair’s lies and deceit be forgotten. One hundred thousand people have died in the course of this conflict. We must take a stand. I will not be gagged and Parliament should not allow itself to be silenced.
“Tony Blair has misled this country time and time again – we cannot let this conduct continue unchecked. It is our duty as Members of Parliament to hold the Prime Minister to account and restore the people's faith in the democratic process.
“The Prime Minister can expel me from the House of Commons, he can try to silence me, but he will never silence those who marched two years ago, those who speak in the ordinary pubs, shops and workplace around the world. They know the truth. They will not be silenced by the authorities, they will speak up and make themselves heard.
"I call on everyone who sees that truth to join our campaign to impeach Tony Blair at” Notes to Editors The Speaker's Office is yet to clarify the exact nature of the Mr Price's ban, according to the Speaker's Office the words used by Mr Price in the Chamber are not covered under the House rules or in Erskine May. Mr Price is expecting to receive confirmation this afternoon of the exact nature of his ban.