Thursday, March 24, 2005

Prestatyn High Street

Had a fine day on Tuesday talking to shop keepers and passers by on Prestatyn High Street.

Very friendly response. However one or two of the obviously Tory supporting business people were smiling through gritted teeth most people were pleased to see me, chatted happily and asked questions…. always a positive sign.

What surprised me though was the level of venom spat at Tony Blair by a couple of people who told me they had always voted Labour. Clearly very, very, angry.

Later in the day I spoke to two other “usually” Labour voters one genuine undecided starting to lean towards us and the other switching for the first time. Even if its only in ones or twos the steady trickle helps.

The whole day was a success mainly due to the energy and diligence of my colleague Sophia Drew who is very well organised and very much at the heart of many community activities. Fun to work with Sophia makes things seem easy.

Now back to writing my election address.