Saturday, March 19, 2005

Job Cuts in North Wales

Gordon Browns axe is falling on a number of civil service jobs in North wales. When I first heard about reductions in the civil service I guess my first reaction was the same as most people. A few less mandarins, special advisiors and all those people who think up fantastic new strategies, performance management frameworks etc etc with the intent of sapping the energy (and at times the will to live) of all who work in the public sector.

Of course what we have in said is reductions in front line services. All benefit enquiries will now be done from a call centre. Having been a benefit claiment a few times I know just how ludicrous this is. Benefit forms are a challenge to anyone let alone someone who may have some literacy problems. This will hit some very vulnerable people. The advantage of the old office system was when things inevitably went wrong you could go in and wait till things got sorted. With a call centre it will be easy to fob people off........not a smart move.

Not sure whats happening with the pension service office in Rhyl but rumours abound of a move to Colwyn Bay. The job centres are being reduced in number etc. So lots of money taken out of the local economy and a reduced service.

If you think Gordon Brown is the answer to your prayers...dream on...