Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Blogging for a Better Wales

Wales is really quite a cool place to be. Both the North and the South have a mixture of very lively cultures, are generally friendly places but have a few problems that need addressing.

The Lib/Lab/Con candidates all offer the same thing....managed decline. Under the conservatives Welsh wealth fell by by 0.4% per year under New Labour its been 0.8%

At the same time House prices have soared. In counties like Conwy and Denbighshire prices are massively out of reach for most first time buyers and there is little public housing available for rent. There is a flight of young people from North Wales in particular as people look for something other than minimum wage jobs.

At times I am astonished that a Labour government in Cardiff and a adminstration in Tony's talking shop in Cardiff can care so little about its own people who stuck buy them throughout the 80/90s (misguidedly in my view but I understand why). Apart from the state of the NHs in Wales, the wretched council tax and the declinging economy....there is also the cuts in the supporting people programme the determination to get rid of council housing, and on and on....

So we will be using this election to set our alternative and ask people to support us....tomorrows posts will be on our policies for housing and the NHS and some stuff about the general approach of the Plaid..