Sunday, March 27, 2005

Axe the Council Tax

Over the last week or so the campaign team have been out and about delivering thousands of our a3 leaflet. The leaflet features details of two of our campaigns. The first is about the "right to a home" and gives information about our housing policies. Check out for more information on this.

The second is our petition to scrap the council tax. We have had "re-banding " in Wales a year or so before it hits England. The assembly has had to throw money at compensating people who have gone up two bands. I guess this is due to the imminent general election as no doubt the money could be put to better use. This campaign seems to be the one that is hurting both Labour and the Conservatives. Labour are beginning to panic in Wales as the full impact of the re-banding is being felt and Plaid steps up its campaigning for Local Income Tax to replace Council Tax.

Labour have had some rather desperate letters in the local press making very bizarre claims about who will pay more etc. It helps give us a bit more publicity on a good issue for us.

Expect a bigger swing away from labour in Wales thanks to the council tax and their mis-handling of the NHS.